How can others view my PA Images?
To view a PA Image file, you must have Personal Archivist (Pro or Express)
installed on your computer.This is easily done by downloading and installing the
program from  Personal Archivst can be used as a viewer
program for free.  In fact, with the trial version, users can try out all the features of
Personal Archivist without ever purchasing a license and registering the program.

How can I put my PA Images on Facebook
Although Facebook does not permit files other than images and videos to be uploaded
directly,  you can easily place links your PA Images and PA Albums on Facebook to
share with your friends.  The main thing to remember is that the PA Image file must be
uploaded to some web server somewhere.  It cannot just reside on your local computer.
Once it is hosted on the web server, then a link to the file can be placed on Facebook.
This web hosting can be done in several ways.  Probably the simplest way is to upload
your PA Image or PA Album file to a cloud server such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
Once the file is uploaded, these cloud services will allow you to copy a link to the file.
If you post this link in a new status on Facebook, your friends can click the link to
download it.  Depending on the browser they are using, they will be presented with
the option on saving or running the file.  If they have Personal Archivist installed on
their computer, choosing to run the file will open the file in Personal Archivst
automatically.  Personal Archivist also gives you the option of saving a 600 px image
that can be uploaded to Facebook as a prompt so your viewers know what file to
expect when they click the link to your PA Image file.

How do I save my P Images to a CD?
IF you are familiar with burning data CDs on your computer, you should have no
difficulty burning CDs of your PA Image files.  They are burned the same way as any
other data file.  If you have a folder of PA Image files you wish to place on the CD, just
drop that whole folder onto your CD icon for burning.  If you wish, you can include a full
copy of Personal Archivist on your CD so that your viewers will have immediate access
to the program for installing if they have not already done so.  As always, there is no
fee for using the program in viewer mode.

How do I share my PA Images with cloud sharing services?
The cloud offers a very convenient way of sharing your PA Image files with a select
group of friends and relatives.  If you have sharing folders set up with your friends, just
dropping the PA Image file(s) into that folder is all you need to do.  Your friends will be
notified by the cloud service’s alert system that there are new files being shared with
them.  They can then navigate to the cloud sharing folder on their computer and run
the file straight from their hard drive.

How can I share my PA Image file through email?
There are a number of ways to share PA Image files and albums by email.  The amount
of content you have placed in your PA Image file determines the best way to do this.
If the files are relatively small (less than ~10MB) you can attach them directly as an
attachment to your email.  Files larger than that are rejected my some mail servers.
For large files, it is more safe to upload them to a cloud server and embed a link to
the file in the body of your email.

Can I make videos of my PA Images?
While there are no provisions for directly making videos of your PA Images or PA
Albums from within the Personal Archivist program, there are many screen capture
programs available on the internet.  Some are very feature rich, like Camtasia from
TechSmith Software ( ), but are rather expensive.  Others,
such as Debut from NCH Software ( ), can be used free
of charge for personal use.  While not having as many features, as the more powerful
screen capture programs, they do work quite well in capturing the on-screen progress
of navigating through a PA Image or Album and will give you the option of saving
the captured video to your hard drive or uploading to popular sharing and social media
sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Flickr.